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Unlike other inventory companies that may use apps with a limited set of drop-downs, each of our reports is carefully dictated, which allows our clerks to describe every item individually, offering an unparalleled level of detail.

In our experience, it is impossible to accurately inventory a property using only a limited set of pre-defined drop-downs. Furthermore, attempting to do so is time-consuming, because finding the right description entails a long search through a number of categories, and often items are too unique to be included.

At Clarke Inventories we say what we see. Each of our clerks uses a dictaphone to describe the condition and content of every property, which allows us to be as detailed as possible. Our reports are then compiled based on these recordings and are double-checked before being forwarded on to the client.

Our method is tried and tested and trusted by our loyal clientele, who require that little bit extra quality. We have shunned gimmicky automated technology, which is time consuming, inaccurate and offers little scope for detail, in favour of a personal, bespoke and ultimately more efficient approach.

​​Our team is small but reliable and experienced. Other companies rely on technology, we rely on our people.


  • We offer a full inventory service on furnished and unfurnished properties.

  • Check-in/check-out PDFs are emailed to clients within 3 working days. Inventory PDFs are emailed within 3 working days.

  • All documents are available as PDF files and include photos as standard.

We are fully versed in the requirements of the TDS and that is why we will ensure that documents are compiled as swiftly as possible and in the above timescales in order for agents and landlords to proceed with any dilapidation schedules and deposit returns.

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